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We are a European based 360 VR immersive media production company. We work with companies and Advertising agencies to bring their 360 VR concepts to life. Our services are tailored to clients needs and project specifications. From producing 360 Content, immersive APPS, and full scale TV productions to helping large companies train and establish in-house competencies, we are your partner for 360 VR Immersive media. 



We offer a wide variety of services a la carte to meet the needs of our clients and their projects. From production, 360 VR Filming, postproduction of Immersive Content, Custom Camera Designs, 360 VR Immersive Training, Equipment Rentals, Consulting and top-tier industry partnerships, we are capable of servicing individual needs as well as complex projects. 


Our wide range of skills comes from our tight partnerships. We work closely with as a technology and programming support partner allowing up to create complex mobile apps,  and integrated Web Experiences. Our founder and owner, Dennison Bertram is also a Co-founder in Cloy Collective- an agency like structure of top fashion professionals representing talents and creative VR experiences for high end fashion and cultural  clients. 


Case Studies



Heineken filmed an incredible 360 Video experince from a helicopter in Patagonia. They asked us to work on the postproduction to finish the project and prepare it for use on Social Media in various markets worldwide. 

–Training/ 360 Stereoscopic Filming / Postproduction

La Tre

In addition to filming an entire TV show in 360 : Dolce Di Alice, Tre hired us to train their internal broadcast and postproduction staff in 360 Production and consult on developing their own internal 360 VR division.

– VR Direction/ Consulting/ App Creation

Camera nazionalle della moda.jpg

We were brought in with our fashion oriented Co-Agency CLOY and Tech Partners by the famed creative director Luca Stoppini of Italian Vogue to direct and produce a 15 episode 360 VR series. Shot on location throughout Italy on Italian Artisans adoption of new technology for a special fashion week exhibition at the MUDEC museum in Milan.   

–360 VR Creativity/ Integrated Campaign Development/ Postproduction

For Pitti Immagine we worked with our Fashion oriented Co-Agency CLOY to create, develop and produce the entire Pitti Immagine 2017 Campaign. This included Still campaign Images, a traditional Broadcast video campaign and a innovative 360 VR Dance experince. 


“Creative diversity and technical excellence is key to VR.”

Dennison Bertram  |  Founder