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Vesmir.agency has partnered with ZAAK.IO, an award winning leader in European Virtual Reality solutions with offices in Milan, Zurich, Berlin and London, to provide full service creative virtual reality solutions for Brands and Clients. 

From Conception, Planning and Design to Filming, Virtual World Creation, execution and Custom Google Certified Cardboard Viewers, we offer a complete integrated workflow for custom or turnkey projects. 


We build revolutionary software that allows anyone to design and build Virtual Reality environments from directly within the browser. Enterprise level solutions allow for creative teams to design, build, share and remix projects within the privacy of their own organization. Creative agencies can take control over the client approval process with a streamlined interface. All directly within the browser. 




Produced in Germany, all our Cardboard VR viewers are certified to carry the official "Works with Google Cardboard" badge through our Google Manufacturing Partnership. We also have our own custom software allowing for clients and design teams to try out in a virtual environment the look and feel of their Cardboard viewers, before sending them to the factory to be assembled. 

Laser cutting custom viewers

Laser cutting custom viewers

DARK SHADER Cardboard viewer during manufacture.

DARK SHADER Cardboard viewer during manufacture.



Vesmir has partnered with Gloria Maria Gallery for Art & Fashion projects. For more information contact: studio@vesmir.agency and gloria@gloriamariagallery.com


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Milan Design Week | 13th – 16th April 2016 | 15:00 – 21:00

Exhibition SBODIO32 | Via Sbodio 32/2 Milano | www.sbodio32.com


The Gol Goatha project is an exploration of the concept of a hybrid Virtual Reality film that blends elements of theater, meta-

reality and sensory exploration. Presented at SBODIO32 Exhibition for Milan Design Week 2016.


Conceptually growing out of the idea that panic, claustrophobia and fear are powerful meta-interceptive senses, the 

experience is designed to explore how different layers of psychological suggestion are critical in creating the "reality" of a 

virtual experience. 


Using restraint, sounds, and physical force elements, the Gol Goatha project seeks to create a virtual reality experience so 

convincing that it shifts the participants perception of the real world, by introducing doubt and insecurity through a hybrid 

virtual experience. 


Through a mix of theater, virtual environment and synchronized sensory input, the participant is convinced to suspend their 

trust in reality through a virtual reality experience that is unlike anything they have experienced before. 


The participant is exposed to a meta-reality that delves into deconstructing the primary assurance we receive through our 

sensory input of the real world: our concept of what is "safe". By convincing the participant to doubt, ever so slightly, the rules 

of the "real world", we open the door to designing new rules in a virtual space. 


For those whom the experience proves to be too intense psychologically, we ask participants to learn the safe phrase "gol 

goatha" to use to escape their temporary reality. 


Participants are asked to sign a waiver of liability and to answer a  video questionnaire before and after participating in the 



The performance will be live streamed in 360 VR.


Dennison Bertram



Ämr Ezzeldinn 



Alessandro Turci

Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi 

Ali Noorafshan 

Artina Qehaja 


Sound Design:

Emre Baloglu


Conceptual Advisor:

Alessandro Turci


360VR Capture: